Collection: Merch

All artwork featured on Remedy Alliance/For the People merch is custom made by our amazing community. Please click on an item to read about the artist and how to see more of their work. 

About merch order fulfillment: 

Remedy Alliance is using Printful to fulfill merch orders. If you have feedback for us about the quality of merchandise and fulfillment from Printful, please contact us as we are just trying this out and are willing to change companies if we find that there are problems with this company. 

What will we do with the money from merch sales?

Remedy Alliance/For the People provides access to low-cost naloxone to funded programs and no-cost naloxone to under-resourced programs. 70% of the programs we work are only partially funded or receive no funds at all to support their naloxone distribution. 

Proceeds from the sale of merch are divided between supporting our work with un-funded programs and the Harm Reduction Futures Fund, AIDS United's donation platform for individuals and organizations to contribute to the Syringe Access Fund, one of the only non-governmental funding sources for SSPs, including those that are operating underground. We make donations to the Harm Reduction Futures Fund on a quarterly basis from funds accrued from merch sales.